Mysterious Patient Visits Atheist Doctor And Makes Him Turn To God

I am Dr. Gregg Vmon and I used to be convinced that I had everything I needed to be happy. I had a great career, a loving family, and I could buy the things that I wanted. I was able to travel and enjoy various hobbies. But it was never enough. I still felt empty and frustrated.

I started taking it out on other people. Even my wife called me arrogant and I had a short fuse. Eventually, I took it out on some Christian neighbors whom I felt were not practicing what they preach. I decided to read the Bible so that I can find out how to teach these people a lesson.

When I read the Bible, I saw that Jesus was claiming to be God in the flesh. God on earth. Being an atheist, I’ve never heard that before. I decided to try to find out if the miracle of Jesus’ birth really happened. My wife Ruth had already accepted the Lord and she told me that hell is real. She said that I will go there if I didn’t change.

I started to look for answers and focused on the resurrection. I looked at the evidence and realized that the apostles must have really seen the risen Lord for them to turn into the first evangelists.

Later, I treated a walk-in patient and he suddenly said, “Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior?” I did’t expect that and I almost passed out. How did he know what I was going through? He made me think more about my life.

I just broke down crying and asked God to forgive me. I asked him to change me because I wanted to live a new life.After that, I felt completely peaceful and contented. The book of Romans taught me that when you become a believer and get saved, the Holy Spirit comes into you and the old person that you were dies.

What’s even more amazing is that I couldn’t find any record of the patient who walked in and asked me the question that changed my life.

Atheist Doctor Finds Jesus After Doing His Own Research!!

An Atheist Doctor finds Jesus after doing research of his own PLUS after getting a visitation from what apparently was an angel! 800-759-0700 Toll Free Prayer Line If you would like to learn more about what it means to become Born Again, and how to become Born Again, here are two links to information.

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