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Newborn Baby Smiles The Instant She Hears Dad’s Voice And The Heart-Melting Photo Is Going Viral

Everyone knew that Anotella was going to be a daddy’s girl when they saw her smile when she heard the voice of her father. A photo of the family circulated around the internet because of how adorable the newborn was.

Flávio Dantas from Brazil said that he made it a point to always talk to his baby even while she was inside her mother’s womb. He said this is why his daughter gave the sweetest smile in the photo.

“They put her on top of me sleeping and as soon as he spoke to her, Antonella opened her eyes and smiled,” Tarsila said. Flavio commented, “I thought I knew what a feeling of true love was, until I looked at that most sincere smile in the world. It was there that I could be sure what love is.” Antonella was born in Rio de Janeiro at a weight of slightly over 3.1 kilograms and a height of 49 centimeters.

Credit: antonella.batistta

According to Anotella’s mother, Tarsila, Flávio always told their daughter how much he loved her. Tarsila added that she was captivated at the sweetness of her husband. Every morning and every evening after coming home from work, he would massage her back and tell her how much he loved her as well. 

After giving birth, the doctors gave the baby to the parents. Flávio immediately repeated all that he was saying to her while she was in her mother’s tummy. This was when the baby started to smile. Onlookers snapped the photo that touched the hearts of many.

When asked how he felt when he saw his daughter smile, Flávio said, “A love that doesn’t fit inside the chest!” The father was so overjoyed at the birth of his child that he uploaded a slew of photos on social media, along with a slew of love comments.

Flávio thanked God for such a wonderful blessing saying, ““God gave me my biggest reason to raise my head, let go of sadness and go after the world to be able to give yoυ.” Likewise, Tarsila also took to social media to express her gratitude and happiness. She said that Anotella was a gift that the Lord gave them. She said, “If wealth were measυred in words, I woυld sυm it υp in jυst one: yoυ.”

God gives good gifts to everyone. Because God is good, nothing bad comes from him. We see his kindness in all things around us. The creation speaks of His works that include nature and animals. But we human beings are made in His image and likeness which is why we have these special features. We have consciousness and the ability to comprehend the goodness of God.

Everyone is special in their own way because God designed us all with His plans and purposes. Let us remember that we are always loved. When we were born into the world, God had already known us and had designed us in the best way possible. This is why we can give the love that we are given. Make someone smile today!

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