Obese Man Lost 317 Pounds Saving Childhood Sweetheart From Future Heartaches

People are always concerned about their health especially their body shape. Most of us are concerned about what other people may say about our physical attributes. Taking good care of our body is a must in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and lengthen our life span. Our body is a living sacrifice so we need to make sure that whatever we do to our body is acceptable to God. There’s already a lot of illnesses discovered recently and we don’t want to experience suffering from diseases. It starts with proper hygiene as well as with the food that we eat.

John Allaire is known to be an obese man weighing 540 pounds. It all started when his parents got divorced that out of his depression, his attention was turned in to excessive eating habit. He was getting bigger and bigger the moment that he lost his father and one day he just realized how worst is his situation. He always gets disappointed every time he visits the doctor’s clinic and listens to what the doctor says. It was getting serious and John was getting off the track until he decided to start doing a major change in his life.

When John decided to be engaged with his childhood sweetheart Caila, he realized that he needs to lose weight not to cause future problems to his future wife. Caila loved him as what he is but eventually, because of obesity it might cause him serious illness and end up giving Caila a miserable life. So John started a difficult journey but it was all worth it when he lost 317 pounds big time! There’s really nothing that love can do and because of love, people are willing to do sacrifices just as Jesus sacrificed His own life because of His love for us.

My 300lbs Weight Loss Left Me With 13lbs Of Loose Skin
SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj A MAN who shed an incredible 310 lbs after becoming morbidly obese has had 13 lbs of loose skin removed in a life-changing procedure. At one point, John Allaire was so morbidly obese he wore 8XL shirts and had to be weighed on a commercial scale at a fish market, as standard scales would not hold his weight.

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