‘Overcomer’ Becoming the Next Big Christian Movie Hit After ‘Breakthrough’

They’re unstoppable! The Kendrick brothers’ movie Overcomer is showing signs that it will soon overtake the achievement of Breakthrough.

According to Christian Headlines, Overcomer has been released and has reached a whopping $40.7 million. However, with the latest data available from Fandango, it revealed that Overcomer has been outpacing Breakthrough.

Although there is no guarantee from the Fandango that Overcomer will indeed surpass Breakthrough, what fans can hang on to is that the films produced by Kendrick brothers have always been known for delivering quality. According to Christian Headlines, the Box Office Pro predicts that Overcomer would earn around $5.5 million in its opening.

The inspiring film is a story about John Harrison, a high school football coach who felt discouraged when his players moved to another place. Because of this, he was forced to coach a one-member cross-country team. Things changed when Harrison came to know a blind man who happened to be a Christian.

In a statement, Stephen Kendrick described the movie as one that could help change lives. He also said it could be used as a tool for the ministry.

With the inspiring message that Overcomer wants to drive across, it may be the movie that could lead to a lot of conversions in faith. It can certainly touch the lives of many.

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