Pilot Calls Out Elderly Woman on Plane, Making Her Cry When He Leaves Cockpit to Come to Her Seat

You never know what to expect when you get on an airplane. People have shared all kinds of horror stories over the years about some of the wildest antics they’ve seen go down while high up in the sky while aboard their flight. From seeing people do yoga in their seats to seeing others get kicked off a plane for screaming at the flight attendants, there is no shortage of outlandish stories people have shared about flights they’ve been on.

Back in January 2020, An elderly woman was on a United Airlines flight together with her family when the pilot asked a question over the loudspeaker, and only the elderly woman was the one who raised her hand in answer. Little did she know her family has a surprise for her.

The elderly woman had been sitting with her daughter, Michelle, during the flight and was recording when the announcement took place. The pilot asked over the loudspeaker saying, “If you were a Capital Airlines stewardess, would you mind raising your hand?”

Credit: Michelle A Youtube Screenshot

In the caption of Michelle’s video, she wrote, “My mom was a Capital Airlines (merged with United Airlines) flight attendant 60 years ago. She left the airlines to raise 3 children.”

Still in shock, the elderly woman raised her hand. The pilot then called her ‘The greatest mom ever.’ And everyone applauded her. Shortly after, the Pilot came out from the cockpit and made his way over to the woman’s seat. The woman was in shock when she realized the pilot was her son.

In the video’s description, Michelle explained that her brother decided to follow his mother’s footsteps by working for an airline. Working for an airline really does run in the family – Michelle’s father had also been a pilot. Michelle said, “It was a great moment for our family!”

People inside the plane cheered them on and some even recorded the special moment themselves. Since it was uploaded, people online expressed how much they are moved because of the story. The video was viewed over 23.7 million times on YouTube!

People in the comments shows their support and even shared their own story about their moms.

“I’m a pilot. I’ve done this for my mom too. Awesome feeling to see the joy in your mom’s eyes.” One commenter said.

“Made me cry. So glad this man appreciates his mom and let her know in such a beautiful way. (Miss you, mom, more than you can know. 1934-1998)” Added by another commenter.

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