LifestylePolice Officer Singing Amazing Grace In Fellow Policeman’s Burial, Heart Melting Rendition

Police Officer Singing Amazing Grace In Fellow Policeman’s Burial, Heart Melting Rendition

Death is like a thief in the night that nobody knows it will happen. In the blink of an eye, we might lose somebody who is close to our heart. We may think that God is punishing us by taking away the people that we love but believe me, there is a much greater plan ahead of you. It is normal to feel the sorrow caused by somebody who left us especially if we know that we will not have a single chance to be with them anymore. God takes away all kinds of pain in every human’s heart and He will surely replace it with joy and contentment. Our lives are only temporary on earth. Time will come that we will be leaving our temporary home and we will be migrating to our permanent destination which is the kingdom of God in heaven.

A police officer died in a tragic way when he was on his line of duty. It is an expectation of somebody who chose this path that being a policeman comes with great responsibility and danger that you will possibly face. Because of the nature of their job, they already expect the worst things to happen that might lead to the end of their lives. A colleague named Police Officer Tim Eggebraaten from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota decided to sing a very powerful song Amazing Grace in the burial of Chris Dewey.

Tim’s version was moving and I can hear the heartbeats of the people who were present at that sad moment of their lives. It was a sorrowful performance that made everyone’s heart melt. His voice was a precious gift bestowed by God and he is blessed for having it. Families and friends of the late sheriff were in pain losing the one they love but rest assured, God will be watching over them and will surely ease the pain.

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