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‘Pray For Us’: Christian Songwriter Pens Touching Music ‘To Do Justice’ To Hong Kong Protest

A Christian songwriter shows her love and support for Hong Kong and its people amid its current political crisis through music. Moxy Mohr aka Moxy Anne’s debut single is born out of her sense of solidarity with the protesters who seek justice and freedom from the extradition bill and police brutality.

Titled “The Egg,” the touching piece contains lyrics pulled from news reports and social media posts from both sides of the wall: from the protesters and government officials. She carefully selected the profound words and combined them to create the verses and the refrain.

“Pray for us” is greatly emphasized in the lyrics. Meanwhile, the refrain pays homage to “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord,” a 1974 worship song by  Linda Stassen-Benjamin that has become the unofficial anthem of the protest.

As for the origin of the title, Moxy Anne told The Christian Post that it came from an Instagram meme that has the “I stand with the Egg” quote at the end. The quote came from the acceptance speech Japanese author Haruki Murakami made when he accepted the Jerusalem Prize in Israel in 2009.

In his speech, the novelist likened a person to an egg, “a unique, irreplaceable soul enclosed in a fragile shell.” The egg “to a greater or lesser degree” confronts a high, solid wall called The System, which is supposed to protect its people but oftentimes “takes a life of its own” and causes chaos instead.

“It begins to kill us and cause us to kill others – coldly, efficiently, systematically,” Murakami explained during his speech, to which he ended with his stand on the side of the egg.

Moxy Anne, a recent graduate of Azusa Pacific University, a top evangelical Christian school in California, said she was inspired by the speech to create music for the Hong Kong protest. Thus the title of the song.

The artist sang her composition at a rally in Los Angeles in the hopes that it will enlighten Americans about the plight of the Hong Kongers and the purpose of their rally. She wrote the song “to do justice to the movement” and to let Hong Kongers know that they have the support of people outside their country.

Moxy Anne wants to send her love and support to the Hong Kongers through her song. She also hopes that “The Egg” will help empower the movement and give strength to the protesters.

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