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This Boy Stands Up And Interrupts A Wedding. But Watch When Guests Realize What He’s Doing

We love surprises and it is such a nice feeling to be surprised by our loved ones. It is a heartwarming event to receive a surprise especially on special days of our lives. It is the effort that is exerted by somebody who is recognized every time they do something special in spite of their busy and hectic schedule. God doesn’t stop in surprising us with His overflowing blessings and this is something that we should be thankful for.

Rick and Shannon are finally getting married and this is the most awaited day that both of them looks forward to. Their hearts are overloaded with love and happiness as they prepare for their wedding day. Thirteen students from Music Depot were invited to perform a flash mob and surprise everyone on their wedding day especially the bride. After Shannon has entered the church facing the altar with Rick, 2 young teens stood and started doing an a cappella singing. Then another set of students at the back answered and joined them in singing too.

The guests started to wonder what it is all about when suddenly a batch of guys holding a guitar entered the church and joined the singing through a beautiful and sweet song for Rick and Shannon. Their performance was brilliant and these guys are truly talented. The church was filled with people sharing Rick and Shannon’s happiness during this very special day. Click play and you will surely find this flash mob so cute and amazing.

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