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Pregnant Woman Rushes into Burning Home to Save Sleeping Neighbor: ‘He Barely Made It Out’

Selflessness and care know no limits. A person with a kind and compassionate heart will always put others before themselves.

This is how we can describe Sarah Maughan from Utah. At four-and-a-half months pregnant, she didn’t think of herself or even her unborn child when she decided to run to a neighbor’s home during a massive fire.

Credit: CNN / YouTube

Sarah lived a few blocks away from where the fire was, but she immediately drove to her neighbor’s house and knocked on the door until the man opened it.

At first, his neighbor was shocked to see Sarah panicking outside his door but he soon realized what was going on. The man acknowledged that if it was not for his kind neighbor, he could’ve been dead by now.

After she rescued her neighbor, Sarah’s name made headlines due to her heroism. She told reporters that in that moment, all she wanted to do was help her neighbor.

Sarah Maughan’s neighbor grateful to her for saving his life

Following the incident, she said that all she and her neighbor did was hug each other. The man couldn’t also stop thanking Sarah.

“I just reacted. Probably not the best idea, you know, being pregnant. But you know, I would hate to see the fire and know I didn’t do anything and somebody died,” Sarah said.  

Sarah added that she just wants to inspire and encourage more people to start caring about one another. After all, no one knows when it’s their turn to need help.

Other than Sarah, two police officers also helped rescue a woman and her dog from the fire.

Investigations are still underway days after the fire hit a neighborhood in Utah. But fire officials confirmed that there were no casualties.

Sarah Maughan is a hero

Sarah’s selflessness and care towards her neighbors is truly inspiring especially now when the entire world is still dealing with a pandemic. There’s no discounting the fact that Sarah is a hero because she immediately rushed to her neighbor’s home even if it meant she could’ve hurt herself or worse, she could’ve even died.

In her interview, Sarah said that she didn’t even ask permission from her husband if she could go and help their neighbor. She just went out of their home when she noticed that there was a huge fire 50 feet away from her house.

Sarah’s wish that more people will care about each other also shows how pure her heart is and hopefully, more people will be inspired by her story and follow in her footsteps.

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