“Why Our Church No Longer Plays Bethel or Hillsong Music,” Pastor Explains False Teachings

Pastor David Henneke explains to his congregation why his church no longer plays Bethel, Hillsong, or Elevation music. He warned that the Churches should be very careful to the music that you listen, to be very careful from the albums that you bought, be very careful from the music that you download and purchase, and be very careful to the pastors or teachers that you listen to and follow or streamed their podcast, be very careful for the books that you read, just because a song is played on a Christian radio station doesn’t mean it glorifies God, just because she can find the resource in a Christian bookstore doesn’t mean it actually belongs in that bookstore, be very careful.

This message does not represents the views of the site, but we believe it does give us something to think about. We should be careful to the message we received, including music, sermon, for there are many false teaching in the age of information.