LifestyleSchool Janitor Proves Why You Shouldn’t Judge Others Through Appearance

School Janitor Proves Why You Shouldn’t Judge Others Through Appearance

We were created as unique individuals and we have our own specialty where we practice our skills best. Our profession doesn’t define who we are but it is our attitude and actions that make people remember of us. Whatever your job is, as long as you’re happy with it and you do it in the right way, this is something you should be proud of. We have dreams to achieve as we set our goals in life but failing it doesn’t make us less of a person. We encounter ups and downs just like normal people do and we need to move on with our lives every time we fall. Life is a series of tests, we need to determine the right path that we should take in order for us to have a better future. Our future doesn’t depend on what we want to be, it has already been planned for God knows what’s best for us.

Maury Forrester is a former NASA designer with a bright mind and amazing ideas that brought him into the position. But life was a bit hard for him when he had a stroke attack. His cognitive function was damaged so that he easily forgets things after that incident. He knows for a fact that he still needs to continue fighting his battle so he looked for a new job that would suit his capability. He was accepted as a janitor in Coulter Grove Intermediate School in Knoxville, Tennessee where kids learned to love him as he spends time chitchatting to them every single day. He smiles at them and talks to them like friends and this is what kids love about him. He never brings up his previous profession as there is no reason for him to be boastful of this but what’s important to him is that he enjoy his new job.

Maury is assigned to take care of the building facilities and this is a big responsibility. He needs to make sure that everything in the building would be awesome for the kids. Whatever your job is, it doesn’t affect your personality. You don’t need to brag about something that is only given to you by the Father in heaven. Whatever your accomplishment is, all credits should be given to the Lord for you are His masterpiece.

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