53-Year-Old Woman Carries Baby for Daughter, Who Also Becomes Pregnant after Years of Infertility

It is every girl’s dream to be a mother but sadly, not all were given the chance to be one mostly because of health issues. This story will show how a mother’s love is truly unconditional that she’s willing to do anything for the happiness of her daughter.

Kelsi and Kyle Pierce got married in 2016 and started their new lives as a couple in Minnesota. They soon decided they wanted to start a family of their own but they received news that almost crushed them down.

Credit: Kelsi Pierce, right, and her mom, Lisa Rutherford, pose together during their pregnancies. / Kelsi Pierce

The couples found out that Kelsi had a low ovarian reserve and after doing IVF, they were told that Kelsi couldn’t really carry a pregnancy because her uterus lining was too thin.

Kelsi and Kyle were heartbroken because they tried for two years for Kelsi to conceive. They ended up using all of their savings and even went into debt only to find out that she will never really gonna be pregnant.

“We had already poured more than our savings and gone into debt incredibly just for what we had done before, so it wasn’t an option,” Kelsi told Good Morning America. “It was a very depressing time.”

Credit: Kelsi Pierce, right, and her mom, Lisa Rutherford, pose together during their pregnancies. / Kelsi Pierce

The doctor told the couples that there is still a possibility for them to have a child and that is through a gestational carrier. Unfortunately, that cost would be $100,000.

They knew they couldn’t afford to pay for the gestational carrier that is until Kelsi’s 53-year-old mom, Lisa Rutherford stepped in and offered to be her carrier instead.

“When you have kids you want their life to be better, easier, more fulfilling than your life,” Lisa said. “I just thought I don’t have $100,000 to hand you, but this is what I can do to make your dream come true. It wasn’t even a question.

After a series of tests, in December of 2019, Lisa was approved to carry her daughter and Kyle’s baby in her womb.

Everything was going smoothly until just two months, Kelsi found out she was also pregnant.

Credit: Sisters Ava Pierce and Everly Pierce were born just seven weeks apart. / Bella Sollé Photography

“It was an awesome experience…Not only was I so excited for Kelsi to be able to carry a baby, but it was so fun to share our experiences with each other,” Lisa said.

It was such a precious moment for Lisa and Kelsi. They named the babies, Everly and Ava.

“Every time something is hard or I’m tired, I remind myself that this is my dream finally coming true,” said Kelsi, “I appreciate it so much more because of how long it took and how much struggle it took.”