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Sewing School in Malawi Leads Troubled Women to Jesus and a Bright New Life

For the women in Malawi who has had a difficult life or a troubled past of abuse and poverty, it can be hard to find a means of solace or escape. Rarely can they find a support group that will help them heal, but African Enterprise aims to do just that and beyond.

African Enterprise’s sewing school wants to impart a lasting change that would benefit the women who take part in its classes. Its goal is to empower women to break free of their troubled past, to become independent, and live a Christian life.

The students not only learn how to sew, a knowledge which they can benefit in the future by setting up their own textile or tailoring business, but they also receive support for healing. They receive mental and spiritual help through daily group devotions, prayer, and trauma counseling.

This year’s graduates owe it to the enterprise for the positive change in their life. But most of all, they see it as divine intervention. They believe God led them to African Enterprise for a better life.

One of the students, Zione Mtoso, 47, says she engaged in prostitution to support her children. She was physically abused in the process by her customers. Had it not for God’s guidance, she would probably still be living her old life.

“… I thank God for having led me to this place where I am preparing my reliable future,” Mtoso said.

Fellow student Triphonia Mgalima says her life now is “different from the past.” She also feels the camaraderie among the women because they have all been through a tough life. Regardless of age, distinction, and where they come from, they can relate to one another because of their experiences.

“I thank God for providing a vision to African Enterprise ministry to transform vulnerable women spiritually, socially and economically,” Mgalima said.

All the other women in the sewing class lift their praise and gratitude to God for helping them leave their past behind for a brighter future. They give thanks for the skills learned which can support themselves and their family’s basic needs. Best of all, they thank God for showing them the path to Christian life through African Enterprise.

African Enterprise – Sewing Project

African Enterprise works with at risk women in Malawi, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda, through programs that give them marketable skills and teach them the Gospel. Patricia is one of the women who’s lives have been forever changed through AE’s programs. Watch her story below:

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