Simon Cowell Says: “You’re Too Old”. She Shuts Him Up Real Fast

Jenny Darren, a 68-year-old retiree, surprised everyone on the latest episode of Britain’s Got Talent with a heavy-metal twist. She delivered a powerful rendition of AC/DC’s classic “Highway to Hell” that left both judges and the audience in awe, all while undergoing a dramatic transformation from her unassuming outfit to a leather-clad rocker look.

But Jenny Darren’s history with glamour and guitars runs deep. She is not a newcomer to the world of rock. In fact, she was the frontwoman for the hard-rock band Stoney End, who, remarkably, opened for AC/DC in 1977. Additionally, Jenny released several solo albums during the late Seventies, and her song “Heartbreaker,” featured on her 1978 album “Queen of Fools,” was re-released by Pat Benatar and achieved significant commercial success.

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