Singer Got Kicked Out Of Music Industry, Was Given Second Chance in...

Singer Got Kicked Out Of Music Industry, Was Given Second Chance in America’s Got Talent

Trials and desperation in life come as a test for us to grow stronger in life build a firm foundation of faith in God. Things happen the way that we don’t expect it to be. We don’t always get what we want and life is never easy, not unless you live a Christ-like life. You still need to surpass hardships before you get to know the real essence of life and learn from your experiences.

Nikki Leonti is known for her golden voice. Everyone in the music industry wanted to get hold of her because of her unique talent in singing. Life was easy for Nikki, she gets everything that she wants and she was happy with the life that she’s living. Not until God gave her the greatest test of her life. Nikki got pregnant at the age of 18 and everything went crashing down. Nobody wants to get a pregnant woman that will soon deliver a baby to represent their brand and because of this, they refused to manage Nikki Leonti.

Nikki’s world was turned upside down and she was so sad experiencing refusals just because she’s about to have a baby. But it wasn’t the end of everything for Nikki, she decided to take part in an audition together with her husband and daughter. Their voices were heard and the fans were screaming with the Edgar Family’s extreme performance. The judges were amazed and gave them a chance to participate in the next round. This could be one way of God’s revelation of His plan in Nikki’s life.

The Mom Got Kicked Out Because She Was Pregnant, Now She Shows Them They Made A Mistake
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