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“Singing Contractors” Sing Hymns While Working, Have Sung Their Way to over 1 Million YouTube Views

Two men from Indianapolis, Indiana, known as “the Singing Contractors”, regularly post YouTube videos of themselves singing Christian songs on the job. And they have become quite a hit with over 100 million YouTube views.

Their acapella renditions of popular Christian hymns such as “He Keeps Me Singing,” To God Be the Glory,” and “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” are a harmonious blend of masculine voices that bless their listeners.

The Singing Contractors, Josh Arnett and Aaron Gray, are “contractors by day and singers by night”, and describe themselves as two “table-sawing, beam-lifting, dry-walling, Joe’s with big beards and mouths that sing.” They got their name accidentally by their YouTube viewers and it stuck. They also share on their website, “We love God and family and we are humbled that so many people love to hear us sing.”

They have been sponsored and have a clothing line since their debut on YouTube five years ago, even appearing on several news shows including Fox and Friends. According to Godtube, they are currently signed with Gaither Music and have announced plans for their “highly anticipated national debut project, Working on a Building, Hymns and Gospel Classics, on February 1, 2019.”

Arnett and Gray give new meaning to the classic New Testament command, “do all to the glory of God.” Praise God for their hearts to sing unto the Lord and for sharing their ministry with others, and best wishes to them as they continue to glorify the Lord in song. Give ’em a view and a thumbs up if you enjoy their music

With such moving voices, some viewers are asking for more by asking them to quit their day jobs and sing full-time. So, what do you think, should they quit their day jobs?

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