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Soldier Ambushed Own Family On Christmas Day, Family Was Shocked And Couldn’t Help But Scream

Christmas season is a perfect time for a family to gather and share everything that they have on the table. It is indeed the perfect season to be jolly and feel the happiness brought by the real meaning of Christmas. A Savior was born to redeem the world from its sinful nature and there is no reason not to celebrate by all means.

Some people might feel unlucky especially if their job requires them to stay at work rather than going home to spend the holiday season with their family. A good example of this is our military people. There are times that they are reprimanded to stay at the base and continue to do their duty. Most of the time their leaves are unapproved and they are not allowed to get a vacation for them to go back home. Mike Ciuffoletti is one of them, he is an airman on duty and his family already accepted the fact that he can’t go home to celebrate Christmas with them. Without their knowledge, Mike has planned an ambush that everyone will surely be surprised.

When he reached home, he was slowly moving until he can manage to enter their house. He asked his best friend to take a video of this memorable surprise for his family. He sneaked at the house and decided to enter the kitchen because he knew that everyone is there busy preparing for Christmas dinner. When his family saw him, they burst in tears and wasn’t able to take hold of the feeling of too much happiness that they started to cry. His dad was in the garden and he was called by one family member to enter the house to see what’s waiting there. It was such a heart-melting reunion that nobody expected. Watch the video below and feel the emotions of Mike’s family as they long for Mike’s presence in celebrating Christmas.

Airman Surprises family for Christmas
Surprised the family for Christmas

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