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Father Honored With His Dying Wish as He Walked 7 Daughters Down the Aisle

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A father will always love his daughter no matter what. This is especially true for U.S. Army veteran Willie Shelton, who desires to celebrate with his 7 daughters’ wedding days. It has become apparent that this will not hold true as this Ohio man had a terminal cancer diagnosis. His dream to be just that happened when all of his family members created a way to give them away on their wedding day. 

The better half of Willie, Cheryl Shelton, remarked that her husband always wanted to see his girls become mature adults and tried to give them away when they got married. 

Emily Flinn, one of Willie and Cheryl’s daughters, already has a husband but is devoid of a traditional wedding ceremony. Instead, Flinn got married at a civil wedding so her father could not walk her down the aisle. 

His daughters knew the depth of their father’s love for them and his desire to give them away when they got married. So the whole family created a plan to give the dying wish of their father before it was too late. 

Celebration in a Backyard Ceremony

The whole family informed the father that Emily would be renewing her marriage vows. This would permit Willie to walk her down the aisle since he could not do that the initial time. In addition, the family told him that his other children would serve as bridesmaids. 

The family secret was that all of the 7 daughters would wear wedding dresses so their dying father could give them away. 

This event was a community project as many helped in making it come true. Those involved were hospice nurses, a local photographer David’s Bridal, and many others. Everyone gave a hand so the family can honor the dying father’s wish for his daughters. 

The perfect wedding setup was planned as Willie wore his Army dress uniform and was ready to give away his oldest daughter Emily in a backyard ceremony.

However, all of his seven daughters came out one by one wearing wedding dresses. 

Willie got confused, and it was an excellent opportunity to see everybody, according to Emily. 

It was meant to please him and honor him as this was a dream he wanted to fulfill, said his wife, Cheryl. 

Memorable Moment For Willie’s Daughters

The special ceremony was to honor Willie Shelton’s dying wish. Unfortunately, Willie gave up his last breath and passed away two weeks after the ceremony on October 16, 2017. 

Although only part of the dream came true, Cheryl explained that when their daughters get married, they will remember him as still part of their special day. 

Willie had a shot with each of his daughters. Each daughter will have a locket with a picture of their special wedding day with their father. The locket will be engraved with “a father’s love never ends.”

The family turned this tragedy into something that can truly inspire people. The family knows that goodbyes are temporal on earth as long as people have faith in Jesus Christ. 

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