Southern Raised Sings Their Heart Out Heaven’s Shore/Shenandoah Medley, Incredible Voices Inspires Fans

Everyone knows how heaven looks like through what we have read in the Bible and how some other books describe it’s physical attributes. Most of us know that heaven is beautiful and it may somehow be compared to a paradise. According to the Bible, heaven is the throne of God where happiness is forever and there’s no room for sorrow and pain. Everyone who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and repented of their sins are expected to go to heaven after death.

Southern Raised is a musical group who continue to inspire the lives of others through their love of God and their amazing talent in singing. These siblings have unique voices which have an awesome blending that can fill your heart with gladness. Their unique blend in Christian music has brought them into the pedestal of their career. They’re a family band who was born and raised in Branson, Missouri that can truly be considered as talented individuals.

Now they’re up with a sweet medley song Heaven’s Shore/Shenandoah which is beautiful music to everyone’s ear. The siblings are back in singing their heart out with a classical tune to bring glory to God who gave them a unique talent. Their parents must be very proud of them as they have nurtured the gift that God has bestowed them. Don’t close this page without clicking play on the video below as you will surely miss half of your life! Listen and be inspired with Southern Raised as they bring to you a magnificent medley song.

Southern Raised Heaven’s Shore/Shenandoah
Southern Raised films arrangement of Heaven’s Shore/Shenandoah in North Carolina. Filmed and directed by Southern Raised’s own Matt Reith.