State Trooper Says ‘God put it on my heart’ to Hold a Fussy Baby So Mom Can Eat

A Kentucky State Trooper is getting praises for going above and beyond his duty to help a mother during a meal. He held her baby while she eats her food.

Tabatha Corbitt, 29, was at  El Mazatlan in Munfordville with her mother, and her three kids, 8-year-old son, 10-year-old daughter, and 3-month old baby, when the unexpected happened. She couldn’t eat properly because her youngest was being fussy. She had to stand up to calm him down and eat with one arm. That’s when Aaron Hampton approached and offered to carry the baby for her so she could enjoy her meal.

“I was iffy at first, my son doesn’t do well with strangers. I stood there holding my son as we chat for a moment then I handed my son to the trooper. My son fussed but then began smiling and cooing so I sat down and ate while the trooper stood close with my son,” Corbitt said.

Corbitt worried that baby Zerak will cry because he fussed. But then he eventually started feeling comfortable with Hampton holding him that he even smiled at him. The baby’s grandma, Karen Cox, decided to take a quick snapshot of the moment so she can show the photo to Zerak when he grows up.

The grandma posted the photo to social media and Corbitt too immediately after. Little did they know that the image would soon go viral. Hampton didn’t even see the snap until it was posted on the Kentucky Going Blue Facebook page.

“Around the world people are at war with those in blue, and this moment shows that they do go above and beyond their duties. Holding my baby for a few moments so I could eat might not mean much to others but it meant the world to me!” Corbitt said of the kind act.

“It was absolutely heartwarming. He got up from the table filled with other troopers to devote his attention to my baby so I could eat!”

As for Hampton, he is just happy that he was able to impart something positive. He admitted that he never thought what he did would get so much attention.

“In a time where law enforcement is viewed as the enemy, I am very happy to be a part of something so positive. I never in a million years thought it would get this much attention, but it just goes to show you, sometimes the little things have a large effect on people. And if God puts something on your heart, please follow through,” Hampton told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“God put it on my heart to go and help her out. She agreed, kind of reluctant, she said he doesn’t like strangers. But he came to me right away, kind of smiled and laughed,” Hampton told KLTV.

Apparently, the trooper is naturally a kind man. Two of the commentators know him personally. Carla Wilson Handy said that he is a “great guy” while Daneka Whitlow wrote, “He is just a SUPER NICE guy he was coming out of the cleaners one day as I was going into my shop carrying an armload and I dropped some of it and he offered to help me!”

Hampton thought little of what he did and sympathized with Corbitt because he too has a son. He knows how it can be difficult to eat in public with a baby with you. Corbitt quietly paid for Hampton’s meal before leaving the restaurant to express her gratitude.

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