Superdog and Owner Spotted Pushing Car Out of Flooded Road to Rescue Two Trapped Women

Puck the superdog who helped push a car off a flooded street. (Image from Lorie Gillies)

A little dog was recorded helping a lady push her car to safety after getting stuck in floodwaters in Glasgow.

Puck, who is now deemed “superdog” did not leave its owner until they were able to push a car to a safer place. A one-minute video documents the entire thing.

Lori Gillies, Puck’s owner, said that her dog is the best dog in the whole wide world. 

Gilles said that they were out on their usual walk and they saw that the car was stuck in the water. There were two women in the car and she said that she wanted to give a hand.

In the video, the dog is seen to follow its owner to the back of the car. Lori starts pushing the car and it moves ever so slowly. Then the dog seemed to have realized that its owner needed some help which is why it put its paws on the vehicle and started to push it. 

Before they were able to push the car to a safe distance, the driver forgot to remove the handbrake. But Gillies noticed it was hard to push and asked if the driver could disengage it. Once she was able to, the incredible duo were able to easily push the car.

The video now has gotten more than 200,000 views on Facebook and with about 4,000 reactions. 

Puck is 10 dog-years old. Gillies said that the dog is still able to round up horses in their farm. 

After the good deed, Gilles made sure that Puck had a hearty dinner of meat with gravy and biscuits. 

Proverbs 3:27 reminds us in times like these:

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,

when it is in your power to act.

Even if Gillies and her dog had to get soaked in flood water, they did it to be sure to help the stranded people in the car. Such charity from her and her dog is to be emulated.

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