Talented University Students Worship God, Young, Passionate and Heart Piercing Rendition of “Ride on King Jesus”

A good worship music touches a million souls when it is singing for the glory of the Lord. The music ministry is one of the most important ways of service. The lyric of the song accompanied by a heart-warming voice singing praises to God is truly amazing. God gave us our voice to shout unto the world how faithful and good He is in our lives.

The Proclamation Gospel Choir at Olivet Nazarene University started with just 8 members and began to increase rapidly. As years go by, they were able to form a group of almost 80 youth singing to spread the message of the Lord. They have traveled all over different cities in the Midwest sharing the gospel as what God has told us to do.

In the present generation, most of our youth are already hooked with the things which are offered by the advancing technology. But these young ones are focused on their mission of spreading the word of God and being fishers of men. They perfectly sang “Ride on King Jesus” telling the whole world that nobody can hinder them in serving and singing praise to the Lord.

We were given talents by God for us to nurture and use in uplifting the name of the Father. Tell everyone about God’s goodness through your voice for your brother and sister’s salvation is your accountability.