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Teen Athletes Took A Stand Defending Girl With Down Syndrome, What They Did Made Their Father Proud!

There are times that we do something that we feel funny but we don’t realize that we are already hurting somebody because of our actions. Bullying is very rampant nowadays and it affects the lives of many especially teenagers in school. Bullying can be fun for some, but it won’t get you anywhere. This is something that needs to stop before many lives get affected.

Scooter, Chase, and Miles are athletes from Lincoln Middle School. They’re famous to everybody in their school bot because of their talent in sports, but by being kind and brave to stand for students who have been bullied. Just like other teenagers, they’re also up for courting girls and do some moves to impress. Commonly, their favorite girl was Desiree who has a down syndrome condition. Desiree Andrews was a good dancer and the boys are really impressed with her. She’s the happiest person that they’ve known and they were lucky to be Desiree’s friends.

A group of bullies was trying to make fun of Desiree while she was dancing one day. So when the boys saw what’s happening, they thought of a game plan to let the bullies look like losers because of their wrongdoings. Desiree’s dad was so happy that the boys were there to defend his daughter. Even the boys’ daddies are so happy to know that their kids are trying to make an effort in helping Desiree. They were proud of their boys as they’re growing up with sweetness in their hearts and a genuine intention to help or brighten Desiree’s day. Watch the video below and witness how the teenage boys saved the day for Desiree.

Young athletes defend cheerleader with down syndrome
Three middle school athletes from Kenosha, Wisconsin come to St. Louis to accept a Musial Award for Sportsmanship. This story is about what they did for a cheerleader with down syndrome.

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