Teen Spots Lady Having Emergency So Causes Car Accident to Try and Save Her Life

It was a typical day for high school senior student Olivia Jones. She was on speeding her way home when she encountered a medical emergency on the road.

Having A Seizure While Driving 

While driving, Olivia Jones, a student from Clearwater High School, stopped at a red light and noticed something strange in the woman driver inside a car. 

“I thought she was texting because she was looking straight down. And then she started seizing,” Olivia shared her story to the media. 

The car continued moving along with the other cars into oncoming traffic with a half-conscious driver inside it.


Saving A Woman Driver Amid Traffic 

Olivia did not think twice to help the woman driver. At first, she tried gesticulating, alerting other drivers behind her of the medical emergency she had witnessed. After not getting any reaction, the teenager quickly switched to her second option–setting up an intentional accident. 

She crashed her car into another vehicle next to her. It was never a decision as it caused dents and damage to the car later on. 

Then, she went out of her car amidst the traffic and saved the woman driver while alerting the authorities of the incident. 

“She was kind of like seizing out of the car. I took her seat belt off. She had blood and had peed herself. I was on the phone with 911,” she shared. 

Olivia’s adrenaline rush took over. She felt terrified while waiting for the 911 emergency team to handle the situation appropriately. 

“Oh, yeah. My legs were shaking. I didn’t know… I just… I don’t know. I was really nervous,” she said. 

It took only two minutes for the authorities to respond to Olivia’s call. Later on, the teenager learned that the intentional collision caused dents on his car’s hood. 

Source: Shareably. ‘Teen Crashes Her Own Car To Save A Woman’s Life.’ May 19, 2021.

Mixed Reactions From Netizens 

However, Olivia did not feel upset about it. What matters to her more is her sense of fulfillment after saving the life of a fellow driver. 

Meanwhile, netizens put Olivia on a pedestal for her bravery. Although trolls are trying to drag her through the mud, many followers were quick to correct them and continue to uphold the teenager’s heroism. 

“This young woman is far from dumb. Her parents should be so very proud of the fine young lady they raised. She showed some of the finest traits that humanity has and everyone should strive to be as thoughtful and caring as this young girl,” a Youtube user wrote in defense to Olivia. 

Not all teenage drivers are reckless drivers. Some of them are heroes in disguise, like Olivia! 

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