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The Amazing Transformation on Child Through Christmas Gift: The Present of New Life!

The day will come that we will realize the beauty of life with Jesus by our side. We are always tempted by what the world offers us. We got separated with God because of our sins and we have chosen to follow the path that leads to darkness. Today we may not realize the value of building a strong foundation of faith, but later on, we will find the true meaning of life when we start to overcome obstacles that come our way.

Tchao was surprised by his son’s great transformation. Kevin was a thief, a child who was always troubled which pushed him to do evil things. Not until he received God’s message to him. Kevin was part of the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox and he felt so happy receiving his gift box. Inside the box were hankies and toys but the most precious present that he received was the booklet that explains the Gospel of God. From that moment, Kevin started going back to church and his journey with God started. He joined the discipleship program and the booklet served as the light of their house. His father saw the great transformation of his son and it made them realize that they also need to follow the path that God has prepared for them.

Don’t let a day pass that you still remain in darkness. Start living a life with Christ that you may find true happiness and contentment. Watch the video and witness how Kevin transformed through the power of God. Be inspired and start making a change!

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