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The Pastor of Myanmar Testified How God Led Him To Build The Church And Ministry

I was born in 1977, at my village which is a border of India, Chin state-Myanmar, the fourth son of my twelve brothers and sisters. I was from a poor family background. When I was listening about the love of Jesus Christ from a pastor, the Lord totally changed my life.


Since I believe and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, the Lord touched me, and my heart was crying out to God as a broken heart. My heart was crying both days and nights for 10 days. Even though I cried with a broken heart, it was not because of sadness nor any other reasons but because full of joy in the Lord.

It is a tremendous joy in me. At that night I saw a vision that there is a wide land, and there are many children, youths and adults who came out from different corners of that land. At the same time, the Lord said me, they are My peoples whom I have given to you to lead them in My way. I heard the voice of the Lord.

The Lord converted my life since 1998 while I was listening about the love of Jesus Christ from a pastor. When Lord converted my life as a born-again believer, I immediately, directly heard the voice of the Lord. Openly the Lord spoke into my heard which I never heard nor read the scripture before but amazingly those words are already written into the gospel book of Mathew.

After a few months, the Lord led me to study His words the Bible in Yangon, and there I have studied for four years at ACTS Bible College. After I have finished four years course in that Bible College, the Lord appointed me to serve Him at a church as the church pastor for two years. And after two years passed, the Lord led me to continue to study His words the Bible again in India and there I have studied it for two years. After that, I have come back to my motherland Myanmar in 2006. From my hometown to Kalay city, I was traveling for 4 days and nights for starting the ministry by faith since May 26, 2006. By leading the Lord and by faith I have started orphanage ministry in Kalay city, May 26, 2006. And as the Lord has been so good and He opened the door for running the ministry even though there have been many sufferings and obstacles. By the time I have been able to start Mission Bible School with 7 students of Christians. Now we have Bible School, Orphanage, Mission Church, and Mission Outreach to Buddhists. And I have married Sarah who is a happy woman in 2007.

The Lord is gracious to my family and now we have 2 sons and a daughter. We give all glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I have the ministries of what God is doing like orphanage ministry as a charity organization, like Mission Bible School, Church Ministry, and Missions to Buddhists.

—Joseph Abraham

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