This Armadillo is So Happy A Man Gave Him Water

Sometimes in our busy lives, we become too preoccupied that we forget to stop and as they say, “smell the roses.” We forget to appreciate the little things and make time to do the simplest of gestures that can mean so much to others.

Caio Giovani Borges, 23, of Brazil knows that his simple gesture made a big impact on the armadillo he saved from thirst and danger during one fateful day while he was on the road. While driving his truck to Campo Novo do Parceis with his brother, they noticed the animal up ahead.

He said it was limping and moving slowly so he decided to stop and move it out of harm’s way. But Borges felt that something was wrong.

“I could see he was not well. It felt like he was asking me for something … for some help,” Borges told The Dodo.

‘It was a bizarre moment but I believe I experienced telepathic communication with the tiny creature. It was as if he was asking me to help it.”

He said the armadillo looked like it needed food and water and he remembered he has a tank full of water on his truck.

Borges decided, out of the kindness of his heart, to bring the animal there for some refreshment. He opened the spigot and water streamed from the truck to the armadillo on the ground. The animal could not have looked more relieved and refreshed.

Giovani did not close the spigot right away. He waited until the animal got his fill of the water. He was patient enough to wait and it took him nearly a minute to share his water with the armadillo.

Surprisingly, the animal knew that he was in good hands because he did not ran away or bite his rescuer. Instead, he took his time in drinking the water and allowed it to splash across his back and into his legs.

Then after he’s had his fill, Giovani said he took the animal to a shady spot on the edge of the woods and even gave him a banana to eat in case he’s hungry. The good Samaritan said the armadillo looked “much better” afterward.

Borges said it was an “amazing” feeling to be able to help the armadillo, which is believed to have come from a deforested area in Brazil which had experienced long periods of drought. He said the experience definitely had a positive effect on his life.

These simple gestures make the world a better place to live in for all of God’s creations. When there’s kindness, generosity, and compassion, we can be assured that we are in good hands. Just like our creator, who never fails to make us feel loved and cared for.

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