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This Beautiful Harp Version of ‘How Great Thou Art’ Will Lift Up Your Soul

Wow, what a wonderful version it is with your harp! I’m blown away!

And I’m not even very deep in that matter, but it still blows me away with each and every single note…

It would be hard to try to replicate this with any other instrument. A piano, well, one could use glissandos, but no, that would sound differently. So just play the notes one by one. Or a big organ. One could vary the registrations to make it small or big, but it would be very different. It can be beautiful, but different.

The harp version is incredible direct, honest, just wow!

I think, I have heard it (a similar version) a long long time ago without knowing back then what it was, it hits deep in my heart in the most positive way ever possible. It brings back memories I never knew I ever had… it’s hard to explain, it’s magic… (I know, this is well known, but still, this version goes very deep, wow)

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