LifestyleTim Hawkins’ Fantastic Interpretation Of Classic Hymn “Amazing Grace”

Tim Hawkins’ Fantastic Interpretation Of Classic Hymn “Amazing Grace”

We all have that one song that always reminds us how good God is in our lives. We are spiritually touched by the hymns that we hear during Sunday church service where our soul is relaxed and we feel joyful in serving God. Amazing Grace is one of the most common songs that we hear every time we attend church service. There are a lot of renditions of the song but the message stays the same as it tells everyone how amazing our God in heaven is!

Tim Hawkins is an American Christian comedian, songwriter, and singer who always put a smile at the face of his audience. He is best known for parodying popular songs and would always give a twist into something to make it funny and different among others.

He performed the Amazing Grace song in his own version as inspired by Eagles which made him stand out. A more bubbly and fun version of the song which can give joy to his listeners. This is a really unique talent that this man got! Play the video below and be amazed by this excellent rendition of our favorite classic hymn “Amazing Grace” as Tim Hawkins plays his guitar.

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