TestimoniesWhen You’re in Depression, This Is The Only Way to Be Saved

When You’re in Depression, This Is The Only Way to Be Saved

In June of 1995, I was struck with depression because God allowed me to experience it to be a testimony for many others. God knew me and also knew I would not want to be depressed if see anyone go through it.

As weeks passed, my strength was weakened and I had no appetite. I lost 30 pounds within weeks. One day in July of 1995, the evangelist I was attending church with called me to inform me that God allowed me to be tried this way and is going to give me a way out. She said, “God wants to fill you with His spirit, The Holy Spirit.” She continued talking and God confirmed to me that it was His will for me to receive of Him.

While she yet spoke, I began to speak in tongues, my heavenly language, talking to God and going straight to his throne of grace. I tried to stop speaking, but couldn’t. You see, God filled me up totally and didn’t allow me to stop when I wanted to let me know that it was he who filled me, not myself. Shortly after, the enemy came to convince me that God didn’t love me and I should kill myself. God filled me just in time because he loved me so much. God is real and He truly saves. I am a living witness that God will save you out of any ditch, whole, and pit the enemy tries to put you in.

Hallelujah! God Bless!


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