TestimoniesWhy We Need Jesus,Her Story Shows The Wonderful Reason

Why We Need Jesus,Her Story Shows The Wonderful Reason

2013-2015 I found myself on the streets with a gentleman I had been with a few years. I found myself going through round 2 with a drug addiction. And was watching his alcoholism get worse. I began turning my life back to Christ, reading my Bible, and attending church.

I was awakened one day in the tent to hear singing. I believe it was the Lord Jesus singing over me. I used one time after that and never got high again. Still not looking back. I got a job at a store and put myself in a shelter.

My boyfriend was still on the streets. He came to church with me one time and 2 weeks later he passed away. I like to think when his head was bowed he was talking to God. After this I stayed with a lady a couple years. Got a second job and a car. Now I’m married to a man who has a daughter and at a different job, I love, in a location I never expected Jesus would lead me to, with a wonderful church family. I’m grateful beyond words and give all the glory to Jesus.


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