Woman Who Suffered A Great Loss Obtained Positive Pregnancy Result and Praised God

Suffering a miscarriage made Lauren Bennett weeping tears of joy when she obtained another positive pregnancy test result. Her previous condition made her think if could ever have children in the future. With this great news, she did not waste time in thanking the Lord for blessing her. 

Lauren Bennett in shock as she gets positive pregnancy results and praises God/Image from YouTube Screenshot of Caters Clips

Miscarriage often results to grieving women who hope, pray, and dream of getting positive pregnancy results. It also leaves women to be the woman they never wanted to be. It is to be part of a group who loses a special individual whom they never get to meet. 

Miscarriage often gives women doubt if they will get pregnant again. However, a woman who suffered a great loss obtained positive pregnancy results and praised God for his wonderful works. 

The Dream To Be A Mom

Ever since she was a little girl, Lauren Bennett dreamed of motherhood. She always desired to be a mother. When she got married to her husband, they prayed to start a family and started dreaming of what their little ones would look like. They prayed over their future children. 

She was joyful when she got pregnant. However, the baby in her womb did not live as she suffered a miscarriage. It resulted in her being devastated. She did not give up even as she grieved the loss of what might be a baby boy or a baby girl. Her faith in having a baby was decreased as her hope diminished. 

It became more challenging as each month came. Her hope in the Lord to bless them with another pregnancy became hard as she always has a negative pregnancy test. However, God really answers prayers. She felt different one morning. She felt something was off but her instinct told her that she might be pregnant. 

With this different feeling, she bought a pregnancy test kit and set her phone up to record the results. She was amazed, shocked, and joyful that she had positive pregnancy test results. Her faith in God increased as God answered her prayers. She was pregnant. 

Lauren was not only happy, she felt loved and blessed that God answered her prayers. She gave God the glory and honor in that moment. 

God’s name will be praised as Lauren will be part of the motherhood. 

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