Woman Had A Hard Time Traveling With 2 Kids, Angels Came To Rescue Her

We don’t expect people to be there for us every time we need a helping hand. We can’t rely to everyone around us but there must be somebody who can take time to show some kindness and offer help every time we need them. These people are sent by God to show the world that goodness is still present nowadays. Despite of all the challenges that we encounter every single day, the Lord is still merciful and He listens to the cry of our hearts.

Becca Kinsey is a mom of 2 from Dallas, Texas. Since it’s Christmas, it is the perfect time of the year to visit Disney World with her 2-year-old and another 5-year-old son. Everything did not go as smoothly as Becca expected. They were already on their way home at the airport when everything got mixed up. The kids were exhausted because of the long trip and they were already misbehaving. Wyatt was screaming and James was already tired so they started to crumble. They were already standing on the line when a woman approached Becca to jump right in front of her so that they can get in fast.

Another woman offered help and told Becca to hand his luggage so that the woman can carry it for her. Becca was so happy that there are certain people who showed concern to her seeing her situation but it didn’t end there. When she was already sitting on his assigned seat inside the plane, another woman felt pity and told Becca that she can carry Wyatt so that the mother can get some rest. The woman carried Wyatt until the rest of the flight. So when Becca got home, she couldn’t help herself sharing her story and posting it in the internet so that many can read and reflect that despite the current situation and hardships that we face, God sends His angels to help us. He will certainly use people to be an instrument of goodness toward others.

Mum shares touching photo of kind stranger who held her crying son on flight – News Live
Mum shares touching photo of kind stranger who held her crying son on flight – News Live Parenting,Facebook https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxXJWaaPjdySWLtEEj5k2jQ?sub_confirmation=1 A mum has shared a touching photograph of a kind stranger who offered to hold her crying son for her on a flight.