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Woman Left Home Because of Hurricane Florence Saw a Surprising Note on Her Car, A Stranger Had Made Her Day

Hurricane Florence had brought damages and inconvenience to people who were affected especially in the Carolinas area. People had evacuated the area to make sure that their families will be safe without even knowing if they still have their home when they get back.

Ashleigh Gilleland is from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina where evacuation had also been ordered due to Hurricane Florence as it is already affecting the coastal areas. Ashleigh decided to drive and get out of the area since people are already packing up and leaving. As she took a quick stop in Wings N Weenies in Sarasota, Florida Ashleigh was surprised when she saw a note on her windshield.

Out of curiosity, she grabbed the paper and read the note. A stranger named Chelsey Tokan left the note saying that she noticed Ashleigh’s license plate is from South Carolina telling her that they also experienced the same thing with hurricane Irma before in Florida and a stranger also did the same thing to her so she wanted to pass this act of kindness. Chelsey wrote on the note that Florida is praying for their state to survive such calamity. She also left $5 and a Walmart gift card.

This made Ashleigh’s heart melt in the kindness that was made by a stranger. It’s not the amount of the money given that matters but the simple act of kindness that Chelsey did is already enough to believe that there are still people in the world who cares about what we’re going through right now. God uses people as an instrument to give us strength and support in times of calamities.

Ashleigh shared this story on Facebook and it became viral. It was shared 6,000 times until Ashleigh found Chelsey. The world may give us trials and calamities to suffer but there is still somebody who is willing to help in dark times. God is in control of everything and He will never let His children fall. God will never leave us nor forsake us. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved from whatever circumstances that life may bring.

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