Worship Leader Discovered False Teachings And No Longer Support Hillsong, Elevation, Bethel

Recently Tennessee worship leader Mackenzie Morgan talked about “false teaching” of some Christian popular music in her Facebook post, she says she “just cannot stay silent about this issue any longer.” and stressed theology matters.

Morgan said she researched and studied some popular Christian music band and their Church, and found there are problems in their teaching. She said theology matters, the message form a song and Church teaching matters, people should discover the false teachings.

She mentioned Elevation and the teachings of Steven Furtick, accusing their teaching of “midalism”, which believes “God is not one being and three persons, but that God switches into ‘modes’ of each person of the Trinity”.

Morgan also quoted the story in Leviticus 10 that God strike Nadab and Abihu dead with fire because the fire they offered wasn’t authorized by God, she reminded that God is holy.

Morgan encouraged Christian to look at who’s songs you’re singing and read their church’s doctrine and see what they preach, teach, and believe.

“Don’t compare it to your traditions or what you think is right. Compare it with Scripture. Scripture is the ultimate authority. Not me, not your pastor, not the world, only God. There are no gray areas in God’s Word. His Word tells us it is sufficient for every good work.” She said.