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10-Year-Old Performs National Anthem And Brings Tears to The Crowd

A heartfelt rendition of the national anthem by a young man stirred deep emotions in a grown spectator.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” holds diverse meanings for individuals, resonating with those with a history of military service, veterans, or first and second-generation Americans. The song, laden with significance, often evokes tears.

This sentiment is particularly true given the anthem’s central role in various events. A YouTube video showcases 10-year-old Jadon Perez singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a golf tournament, clad in a Buccaneers jersey and holding a microphone.

From the outset, Jadon’s remarkable talent is evident as he passionately sings the anthem, delivering a beautiful rendition that captivates the audience. Near the video’s end, a man is visibly moved, wiping away tears from his right eye.

Before Jadon even begins singing, the stakes are heightened when the announcer, speaking over the public address system, shares that Jadon impressed him during rehearsals. The announcer suggests that Jadon should audition for the popular singing competition, The Voice, aired on NBC.

“I heard him in the warmup earlier, and I have to tell you, some of you guys, who know me, know me a little bit, besides working with the Arians, we work on the TV show The Voice on NBC,” the man says. “And I want him to come try out for The Voice. That’s how good this little boy is.”

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