10 Years Later—Mother with Cancer Advised by Doctors to Abort Child—Both Still Healthy

Women with cancer are often told to abort their babies, and many do. One woman, Sarah Wickline Hull decided not to. Ten years later, she is without cancer and has a healthy child.

After years of infertility, Hull, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer at 20 weeks into her pregnancy. Doctors advised her to abort the child. One doctor explained what could happen to the child if she did not abort. However, Hull decided not to listen to the doctors’ advice in this case. Sarah tells the story on her  Facebook page.


She found other doctors who would help her—doctors who understood that cancer and chemotherapy would not harm an unborn child.

CBN News reported that in 2015, the New England Journal of Medicine and a separate study in 2012 both noted that terminating a pregnancy during cancer treatment is unnecessary.

Hull’s motherly instinct to deliver a her unborn child is a testimony to a mother’s love. She risked her life to save her child. A touching story and a reminder that abortion is not always the right thing to do.