Lifestyle16-Month-Old Baby Made Everyone Happy When Mother Brought Her At Grocery Store

16-Month-Old Baby Made Everyone Happy When Mother Brought Her At Grocery Store

Jesus loves the little children so much. They’re innocence and cute smiles can spread love and good vibes to everyone. They do not worry about what tomorrow may bring and there is always something so special about them that makes our heart happy.

Joelle, a 16-month-old baby was brought by her mom Caitlin at the grocery store to buy goods for the family. The cute little girl started to roam around and wave to every person that she met. Her smiles gave happiness to people at the grocery store and she even gave a hug to an old woman standing in the meat corner. People were responding to her and they were amazed with this cute little baby.

Children are God’s gift to us. They’re personality of not being worried about things that are coming is what we need to imitate. Do not worry about your future for God has already planned your life beforehand. Let the little children come to Jesus for they will inherit the kingdom of God. Be like little children who spreads love and gives joy to people around them. Whatever obstacles life may bring, lift up everything to the Lord for He will give the desires of your heart. You have an option to worry about your problems, but the best option is to trust in the Lord with all your heart.

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