Lifestyle19-Year-Old Girl Singing While Doctors Perform Operation On Her Brain Tumor

19-Year-Old Girl Singing While Doctors Perform Operation On Her Brain Tumor

We experience different types of illness that need special care and treatment. You’re lucky enough to survive serious cases of illness but there are people who lost their hope trying to get well. Being in a hospital bed gives us an awful feeling and makes our body weak. It usually affects all aspect of our whole being and recovering to get well is the only prayer that we ask from God.

Kira Iaconneti is a 19-year-old girl who loves singing and acting. She was diagnosed with Musicogenic Epilepsy wherein seizures attack while she’s singing or listening to music. Kira was feeling hopeless after that her MRI result showed a tumor in her brain that needed to be removed. Her condition was getting worse and the sad part was that it deprived her of doing her favorite thing. Kira is a music lover and the only way to keep her talent in music is to undergo an operation to remove the tumor.

The day of the operation came and the doctors suggested Kira singing while they were trying to remove the tumor. This was the only option and the best chance to keep her talent and this would also be a guide for them while performing the tumor extraction. By this time all that Kira needed was a miracle and God granted it by having a successful operation. Thank God that now Kira is in her hospital bed doing well while playing her guitar and singing her favorite song. God answers prayer so pray without ceasing!

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