2-Day-Old Baby Shares Magical Moment Meeting Her 92-Year-Old Great Grandma

Baby Penelope touched the hearts of many with a photo taken with her and her grandma seemingly sharing some secret.

On September 27, Scott and Jennifer Martin took their newborn daughter to meet Scott’s 92-year-old grandmother, Millie, and the experience was everything they had hoped for. Jennifer said in an interview, “We wanted her to be the first to meet our new little girl. They just sat there and stared at each other like they shared a secret.”


Scott and Jennifer visited the grandmother a day after the newborn was born. They wanted her to be the first one in the family to meet the little girl.

The family put little Penelope on the lap of the mother and grandma Millie watched the baby take a nap for about an hour. The 92 year old said that the baby had her father’s chin and even told of the mischiefs of the young boy. 

Millie was special to them because when Scott was a young boy, he was quite sickly. The elder took him under her care and that’s how their relationship began. 

Another event happened that solidified the relationship of the two. Millie took Scott under her care when his father tragically died of a car accident. 

Scott said, “We’ve gotten even closer in the last decade.”

Penelope’s mother, Jennifer, said that they had trouble conceiving. Speaking of Millie,  “She also wanted a girl in the family and so we helped her fulfill her wish.” The great grandmother said that she had been praying for the small family to receive their firstborn. God answered them with Penelope Rose Martin, or Pip, as affectionately called by her parents.

Scott took the photo. Socne posting it online, it has gone viral on a social media platform. There was plenty of adoration for the two.  

When we pray to God, His answers are either, yes, no, or wait. He answers yes for the things that will glorify His name and will make the person who prayed be more drawn to Him. God says no to prayers for things that can be of danger to someone asking. Since God is good, all His answers are good in nature.

God tells us to wait most of the time because He is readying us to receive the answer. Sometimes, it can be difficult to wait, but like the parable Jesus told us when we ask, we must be persistent in our prayers.

Just like Millie, the sweet grandmother continued to pray for Scott and Jennifer and the answer was a little bundle of joy. Her prayers were also a way for the couple to recognize the power and the importance of prayers in our lives. 

So, when we pray, we must be persistent and should tell God what we need. And at the end of our prayers, we must submit to His will because it is the best thing that we will receive. There is nothing better than to be blessed with what God desires for us.

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