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3 Dreams Of Things To Come: Persecution & The Return Of The Lord Jesus

This is a testimony of 3 Prophetic Dreams | Persecution, Imprisonment, The Final Judgement and Return of The Lord Jesus

Jilliana had a dream we believe came from God while at YWAM in Argentina back in 2013. During her time in discipleship training with YWAM in Argentina she dreamed she was taken captive by soldiers who were clothed from head to toe in black. When the soldiers thrust her to the ground she came face to face with another woman who was taken by these dark soldiers. The woman was mature, an older woman who was clearly a mother, and she wept looking Jilliana in the eyes saying, “don’t let them win, you have to hold on to your faith, you MUST keep believing (in Jesus)!”

Jilliana woke up from the dream and was shocked at the vivid nature of the night vision, and the clarity with which she remembered the details.

Jilliana and I had started our courtship by this time, and it was either the same day or in the same few days that I had a dream with a similar theme and vivid nature.

I was lead by a group of soldiers/officials to a prison cell. I stopped at the door to the prison and put my hand on the wall. It was all made of large cut stones and I felt the cold hard rock under my hand. I thought, “this will be my home for the next 6 months” and then they pushed me into the prison cell.

I woke up thinking about what it would be like if/when real persecution comes to us in the church of the western world.

These two prophetic dreams we believe came from God could have metaphorical meaning, or they could be pointing to a literal persecution of Christians and imprisonment in the not to distant future. EITHER WAY, we are to remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who ARE SUFFERING persecution and imprisonment as though we were imprisoned with them according to the bible.

The world is depending into greater darkness just as the Lord Jesus prophesied that it would so long ago. The world has gone through labor pains and had recurrent bouts of deeper darkness as the day of the Lord draws nearer and the final judgement of Jesus Christ at His second coming approaches.

We aren’t to be afraid, but to look to Jesus the Captain of our salvation, and find strength in His example of faith and perseverance. We are convinced these 3 dreams from God, 3 visions from God and the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit, are dreams and visions from God because they line up with THE WORD of God and with the things that are WRITTEN and recorded in the bible as prophetic words that the Holy Spirit has already spoken. SO our conscience is clear to share the dreams from God about the end of the age because no matter what, the word of God already declared these things and they are true.

Finally, my brother had a dream only months ago that countless angels in full battle armor were assembling in the sky above the earth. He said when he saw them he was filled with dread and cried out, “oh my God!” The interesting thing about this dream that I am almost certain is a dream from God about the return of Jesus Christ, is that my brother is not acquainted with scripture, and yet the dream he had about the last days is a word for word match to what is written in Jude chapter 1 when the Lord comes with thousands about thousands of His holy ones, His angels, to judge the earth and all the wickedness in it.

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