5 Men Found The Most Perfect Setting to Sing A Cappella ‘How Great Thou Art’

Home Free, the a cappella group renowned for their mesmerizing harmonies, continues to captivate audiences with their rendition of the worship classic ‘How Great Thou Art.’

The video showcases the group performing amidst picturesque rolling hills, framed by breathtaking views of towering mountains and lush trees. The stunning backdrop complements the group’s incredible harmonies and the graceful key changes that characterize their rendition.

Comprising Austin Brown, Adam Chance, Tim Foust, Rob Lundquist, and Adam Rupp, Home Free proudly identifies as the world’s only all-vocal country band. Their YouTube bio emphasizes that every sound in their channels, even the unconventional drum sounds courtesy of Adam Rupp, is crafted solely by the human voice.

Viewers are quick to express their admiration, with one YouTube comment praising, “Your harmony is amazing! I can listen to this rendition of this song all day!” Another viewer, moved by the unparalleled a cappella version, declares it as the best ever heard, prompting a desire to join in singing along.

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