5-Year-Old Girl Emptied Piggy Bank To Buy Milk For Classmate In Need, A Big Heart Trapped In A Tiny Body

We all have the capacity to help others even in small ways. We know for a fact that not all people are lucky enough to have an easy and comfortable life. There are some people who strive hard every day in order to survive while some were born with a golden spoon. Wealthy people are often used by God in order to support charities for the benefit of poor people who needs help. We have a read a lot of stories of generous people who makes way by raising funds and donate it to the less fortunate but would you imagine a toddler having such a big heart to help her fellow kid?

Sunshine Oelfke is a 5-year-old girl who is a student from Birchview. She always makes sure she learn something new at school every day and she’s trying so hard to learn writing her name. During lunchtime, kids at Birchview drinks their milk and it was by then when Sunshine noticed something extraordinary. One of her classmates doesn’t have her own milk and she looks like she needed some help. So when Sunshine arrived home, she took all her money from her piggy bank to buy milk and give it to her classmate who is less fortunate.

Sunshine’s story became viral on the internet and it touched other people’s heart who also volunteered to help. Sunshine and her mom made a page on social media and raised funds for her classmate. Come to think of a little girl who goes to school and doesn’t have the capacity to earn yet but has helped somebody who is in need. If a toddler has successfully done it, we can certainly do it as well. Watch Sunshine’s video and discover her life story as well as be amazed by this little girl’s generous heart.

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