5-Year-Old Girl Remains Unharmed After Her Dad Jumped In Front of Oncoming Train with Her

It was an ordinary Monday when a man jumped in the front of a speeding train while he’s holding her daughter. The man instantly died, but her 5-year-old kid survived, and it’s a miracle.

There’s a horrifying video that documented the tragedy. The footage shows the young girl crawls out from under the train, and she’s asking for help from the people around to call her daddy an ambulance.

The police say the 45-year-old dad was holding his kid when he leaped in the front of the train intending to kill himself. The accident happened in the Bronx, at Kingsbridge Road station.

One witness has spoken to CBS2 and said, “he had a little girl on his wrist and in his arms. Next thing I know, he and his daughter jumped.”

Fernando Balbuena was the man who committed suicide, and the train’s impact killed him. The video is gut-wrenching, but it’s also warm to the heart when the bystanders help the kid get out from under the train.

A person who helped the girl said that the kid was always looking for her dad. Antonio Love stated, “Papa, Papa, Papa, that’s it. She didn’t say anything else”. The Post interviewed a police officer and said, “It’s amazing that she’s alive.”

Jennifer Hub witnessed the tragedy, and she said, “I watched as that train came around that corner and I saw as the man jumped, and I see the little feet hanging out. My theory is that the little girl was under the train and small enough she could roll because she only has a few abrasions on her forehead and arm. The incident hurt me as a mother.”

When the local hospital examined the girl, they reported that she only sustained minor injuries. Niurka Caraballo, the mother of the girl, expressed in Spanish, “My baby is in perfect condition, thank God and to the angels who protected her.”

NBC New York states, those who know Balbuena doesn’t have an idea that he’s suicidal, and they said Fernando was a good dad.

WNBC-TV reported the statement of Shams Tarek, a spokesman for the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority. He said, “This is a tragedy, and our thoughts are with the family members as well as with our train operator—this is a traumatic event for everyone involved.”

People are praying for the young girl because of this tragedy in her family. It might take a while before she can recover from the mental and physical trauma.

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