Lifestyle7-Year-Old Boy Handed Lucky Pennies Inspired Police Officers And Gave Positive Vibes

7-Year-Old Boy Handed Lucky Pennies Inspired Police Officers And Gave Positive Vibes

We all have somebody that we use to imitate when we’re still kids at a young age. As early as 7 years old we already know what we want to be when we grow old. We are merely influenced by what we see in movies, what we hear from our playmates or what our parents tell us to be someday. We proudly tell other people what we want to be someday and we make sure that we do something to reach our dreams in life.

Kameryn Chebetar is a 7-year-old boy who wanted to be a policeman ever since. He treats them with respect and gratitude for their service to their nation and countrymen. His greatest dream is to be a cop with good virtues and a kind heart to help people in need. It was their family’s practice to give back to the community every year and now, it was Kameryn’s turn to do something that he wished. The little boy decided to give out lucky pennies to police officers that came with a note containing a poem. The message of the poem touched the heart of the police officers and it gave them a nice feeling knowing that there is somebody who doesn’t forget to thank them of their service.

People experience bad things in life almost every day and it is a simple act of kindness that could touch their heart and continue to give them a fighting spirit. Gifts are not only in form of money or material things, but it’s also something that you hand out and gives a nice feeling and positive outcome to somebody. Whatever you wanna be someday and whoever you wanted to imitate, bare in mind that actions with generosity mark somebody’s heart to remember you for a lifetime.

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