Lifestyle9-Year-Old Boy Stunned Shoppers With His God-Given Talent In Playing The Piano

9-Year-Old Boy Stunned Shoppers With His God-Given Talent In Playing The Piano

God-given gifts were given to men and it depends on them on how they nurture and use their gifts. As early as young age, we are trained with different skills that we need to learn and develop. It’s just that some people don’t give any attention to it or maybe they’re not just interested in learning something new. We have known a lot of people who became successful in life because of singing, dancing or could be in the field of filmmaking. These are just examples of God’s gift that were used the right way leading them to a brighter future.

Jake Clayton is a 9-year-old boy who possesses an extraordinary talent in playing the piano. As early as 5 years old, he was trained to play the piano teaching him the Mozart and Beethoven style. One day, when Jake’s parents had shopping at a local Costco, Jake stopped by a piano and started moving his hands. He was having an awesome performance like trying to show a solo concert and it is quite unusual to hear his music in a Costco. He was wearing his vintage jacket matched with a bowler hat that is perfect for his amazing style.

The shoppers were surprised to hear a little boy with huge talent in music. Somebody bothered to take a video and post it on the internet until a lot of people saw Jake’s great talent. It was a happy day hearing a beautiful sound while doing some shopping at the Costco. Jake is one of the best examples of incredible God-given talents which we should be proud of. Determine the gift that God has bestowed you and start nurturing your gift. God has prepared a better future for each one of us and it could be through this gift that we can be successful in life.

Little Kid Amazes Costco Shoppers with His Impromptu Piano Performance
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