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Mom Visits 6-Year-Old Son, Finds He’s Been ‘publicly Shamed’ by Teachers but This is not The End

A six-year-old boy, Hunter from Grants Pass, Oregon, often came to school late. Like other schools, Hunter’s school punishes tardy students. Hunter, in particular, had to go to detention at the ‘confidential cubby’ during lunch.

Hunter’s mom, Nicole, felt embarrassed after learning about her son’s punishment. She took a photo of her son in detention and posted it on social media.

After netizens learned of Nicole’s poor health and the family car’s unstable condition, the picture went viral. Concerned citizens of Grants Pass took action and helped raise money to buy a new Chrysler for Hunter’s dad, Marc Camelo.

One day, Hunter’s dad was caught by a pleasant surprise to receive a new Chrysler minivan from the Kelly’s Automotive Service to help Marc start taking Hunter to school on time. He previously left his old vehicle for repair at the service center. Camelo was so grateful and asserted that there are still good people left in our world.

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