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A Christian Girl Was Burned To Death by ISIS and Her Last Words Were Totally Heartbreaking

Some people are being persecuted because of their faith. As a Christian, the enemy will do everything to test our faith and overpower Jesus. We were given the privilege to express and practice our religious belief but in some other countries, they are struggling for being persecuted and forced to forget about their faith.

One Christian mother from Mosul once opened her door to Isis militants one day and she was told that she needs to flee or she has the option to pay a jizya tax which is a penalty imposed by many Islamic states on their non-Muslim subjects. The woman asked for a few seconds to retrieve her payment but they won’t allow her and instead they immediately lighted and burned the woman’s house.

Sadly the woman’s daughter is still in the shower and was already burning by that time. The fire slowly killed her and it was a painful and brutal cause of death. Her daughter died in her arms but her last two words were so heartbreaking that it is very unusual for someone to say “Forgive them” after the agony that she encountered. We tend to get mad easily especially when other people caused us so much pain. Our mindset is focused on revenge or saying harsh words just for us to get rid of anger.

Jesus was crucified on the cross for the sins of men. He even asked the Father to forgive the people who tortured Him before crucifixion. It was an outstanding act of kindness and a gentle heart that we must imitate. We need to have a forgiving heart like Jesus. Life gets easier without anger in our hearts.

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