A Little Girl Who Went To Heaven Declares ‘I Love God and I Love Jesus’


This girl, after a spine operation, wakes up thinking that she went to heaven! See how she shows love and gratitude to the people around her. This will surely melt your heart!

A spinal operation is surely a risky especially for a little girl like this one. But she bravely went through it with her loving family by her side.  I just can’t imagine how she was able to go through all of the risks at such a very young age. She managed to survive the operation, and in this particular video, this little girl says ‘I love you’ to Mom, Dad, and Nana like there’s no tomorrow.

This little girl, after napping for around 5 seconds, wakes up thinking that she went to heaven. A 5-second nap seems to be 99 days for her! She even thought that she grew taller and her nightgown was now a shirt! Upon waking up from every nap, this little girl says her prayer along with Mom and Dad, then start thanking everybody and saying ‘I love you’ to everyone. While crying, this little girl even said, “I love God and I love Jesus.” Even amidst the things that she’s going through, going through that risky operation, with all the cables inserted in her fragile body, not being able to breathe normally on her own, this girl declares that she loves God and she loves Jesus! This girl just reminds us that our love for God and for Jesus should never change regardless of the circumstances that we are going through in our lives. This little girl even reminds us to show gratitude to the people who have and will always be by our side, those people who will love us no matter what!

She has surely been through a lot but the attitude that she exemplified was truly admirable!

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