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A Sweet Heartfelt Voice From a Little Boy is a God-given Talent That Everyone Should Hear

Brendan MacFarlane is blessed with a warm sweet voice that he should be proud of. He amazed the crowd when he sang the classic song “Precious Lord”. It is indeed a heart-stirring song from a little creature of God. The lyrics of the song tells us how God guides us in our everyday living.

Brendan is truly an inspiration every time he steps up and hold the microphone singing his heart out bringing glory to the Lord. At his very young age, Brendan is able to share God’s message through his singing. He was able to nurture the precious gift that God has bestowed him.

Age is never a big deal in serving the Lord. Showing Him that you are worthy of His grace doesn’t depend on the gravity of your service. What’s important and what God is looking at is a pure heart with the right intention of glorifying Him. The Lord knows the desire of our hearts and will continue to bless us. Let God use your life as a testimony to men that they may realize the abundant blessings that God has given us. Brendan Macfarlane is a living testimony that God doesn’t choose people according to age but is equally gauged.

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